RK Seamless Gutters Inc. is family owned and operated. Israel Romero, who’s been in the business for over 20 years, founded the business with a simple beginning at gutter installations. However, Israel quickly expanded his field of knowledge by learning of new products and providing new services.
At RK Seamless Gutters Inc, efforts have been successful to perfect our techniques in order to provide our customers with superb quality work. Ranging from a simple chimney cap to a complex copper roof. We have expanded our machinery and inventory to accommodate our distinct clientele, ranging from the most involved homeowner to the more preoccupied contractor. For better name recognition, the roof, siding and copper craft division has been moved to RK Roofing & Copper Work, Corp. You can visit our website at www.RKRoofingNY.com for further information.


Properly installed aluminum, copper, lead-covered or galvanized gutters will enhance and exalt the elegance of your home bringing unbridled style and, as an added bonus, protection from the elements.


With a variety of materials available for use,  you can elect to have your home portray a more classical look by using copper or you may take a more contemporary approach by employing asphalt.  Lastly, cedar and slate lends themselves to a more rustic look.


Applied to the walls of houses and buildings, siding is used to shed water, beautify,  and protect the exterior of a building.

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