Welcome to RK Roofing & Copper Works Corporation.  Our Company has been in business for upwards of 20 years. We are very pleased you have given us the opportunity to become your copper and gutter company.
 We Pride ourselves on having a phenomenal staff.  Cognizant of the fact that customers have choices, we work very hard to exceed your expectations when it comes to your rain management systems, roofing and siding needs. We thank you for giving us the opportunity to earn your trust and your business. We know that your will be thrilled with our level of service and our professionalism.  
For a more comprehensive list of services, please visit our sister site at RK Roofing.  We appreciate your business.


Properly installed aluminum, copper, lead-covered or galvanized gutters will enhance and exalt the elegance of your home bringing unbridled style and, as an added bonus, protection from the elements.


With a variety of materials available for use,  you can elect to have your home portray a more classical look by using copper or you may take a more contemporary approach by employing asphalt.  Lastly, cedar and slate lends themselves to a more rustic look.


Applied to the walls of houses and buildings, siding is used to shed water, beautify,  and protect the exterior of a building.

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